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  1. Nik

    Great article.
    As a patient of hyper mobility I am considering diet change and was not sure where to start.
    Explaining things in such a simple manner in this and couple of other articles on your site have definitely helped me to put things into perspective.

  2. Kristine

    Thank you for this info, it was presented in a such a easy and organized manner :) Definitely going to look more into this.

  3. annemoohan

    dear Alison, I have been reading your story and it is so like my 16 year old daughters.Aine has been suffering various dislocations over the last 3 years.Doctors are very honest, they tell us that they have very little understanding of hypermobility.We are going to try and change to your diet in the hope that she can even get off some of her pain medication and return to school. Have you any more tips for her.

    Thabnk you Alison

  4. Riri

    Hello Mrs. Alison.. I read you article and it helps me a lot to find the meaning of “eliminative organs” or in your term is “elimination organs”. I need to know it because my reading about Ayurveda.. and in fact I am really less informed about this term. Once again thanks so much for your article. Cool!

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