Do you know there is more to you than the life you are living?

Are you in need of clarity, support and some serious inspiration?

Do you ache to live your life as the real you?


Hi, I'm Alison, founder of Path Less Trodden, and I want to let you know that, if you answered 'yes' to the questions above, I know how you feel, as I've been there too.

At many points in my life I've felt frustrated and disconnected, knowing that what was going on around me wasn't the real me and that I could be and do so much more.

At 20, I weighed over 140 pounds (20 stone). I hated looking at myself in the mirror, yet I knew deep inside there was a beautiful vibrant girl aching to get out.

I did all the things I thought would bring me happiness, and in my mid 20s found myself a married, home-and-BMW owning girl, working for Microsoft. I had a golden career ahead of me; was going on luxurious holidays and living in an outwardly-seeming perfect world. But something was missing; I longer for more. Going into the air-conditioned, corporate world made me feel dead. There were so many things I was passionate about, if only I could do them.

Illness followed and I hit rock bottom when a neck injury left me virtually bed-ridden for 6 months. That shifted my perspective for ever.

Finding the REAL me

I've been on a journey, transforming my life. All of the changes I have made have taken me closer and closer to the REAL me. A place of peace, connection and joy.

I've lost over half my weight, transforming my body and health. I now feel the fittest and most beautiful and ever have done, and a world of healthly, delicious recipes are brought to life in my kitchen.

I ended my marriage and started a creative journey that saw me teaching in South America and Russia, changing my relationship with myself forever. I broke out of the corporate cage and dug deep, traversing several different worlds, until Path Less Trodden was born and I found work that inspires me, brings meaning to my life and I know is what I am here to do.

In 2009 I took a big leap and left the UK behind to create a new life for myself in Italy - despite knowing no one here and not speaking the language.

It's been one hell of a journey, a true Path Less Trodden, but I cannot recommend it highly enough!

If you ache for more, let me show you how you can get it:

Take one of the four available spots on
The Path Less Trodden Meet The REAL You Retreat
and see your relationship with yourself and the world transformed.

This retreat is perfect for you if you:

Know you could be and do SO much more
Love all things Italian and want to be welcomed into my home
Feel in a rut - you've tried to make changes in the past but they never seem to stick
Want to know how to step into the most amazing version of yourself
Are ready for life-transforming body, mind and spirit adventures with an intimate group of like-minds
Want to receive guidance to support and inspire you to follow your passions and change your life
You'll leave:
Re-built from the inside out
In touch with yourself on a fundamental level
Connected with your dreams and knowing you can achieve them
Clear and focused, with a map to guide you forwards
Knowing what's stopped you in the past and how it's not going to anymore
With an overflowing change toolkit that will ensure your success.
With rocking self-belief and understanding how to stay connected with that whatever is happening
Refreshed, rejuvenated and totally inspired
With a renewed sense of peace and order
In love with your life and smiling from ear to ear

A Weekend of Transformation

You'll get to hang out in the beautiful Castiglione del Lago, and at my place - touching, tasting and feeling my Italian world. We'll eat together, I'll show you how to cook up a healthy storm in the kitchen. I'll coach you using my 7 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams system and you'll experience alternative therapies first-hand. You'll share in the creativity of my world and we'll renew your body and spirit at a beautiful Tuscan spa resort.

When you get back on the plane home you'll be back in touch with the real you. You'll be re-built from the inside out - refreshed, inspired, focused and ready to live and love your life as the authentic you - to go out there and be and do the things you really want.

When: June 14th-17th 2013
Where: Castiglione del Lago, Umbria, Italy
(Closest airport Perugia, also accessible from Florence and Rome.
Plan to arrive Friday pm and leave Monday am.)

Want to meet the REAL you?

Email: to reserve your space

Experience the magic of this lake-side town on the Tuscan/Umbrian borders and feel the welcome of the home I've made here for myself.

You'll be one of 4 people to taste how I live La Dolce Vita every day as I open up my vistas, kitchen and inspirational lifestyle especially for you.

Here's an exclusive peak at what's in store:

During the intimate weekend, you'll:

  • Share in a celebration dinner in the old town, getting to know me and my partner.
  • Work with me in 2 life-changing Meet The REAL You workshops - getting super-clear on how you want your life to look, leaving with a permanent reminder of the goals you have set, along with a personalised map of exactly how you are going to work towards your dreams.
  • Understand how to apply my 7 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams to your life and leave with a copy of the book.
  • Experience a 3 hour Italian-style raw-food workshop in my kitchen, learning to create some of my signature raw dishes and getting to taste the spoils in a meal together afterwards (and you'll leave with all the recipes).
  • Understand what's been holding you back from change and have personal coaching to break through your limitations and give you new perspectives and tools to enable real change.
  • Visit a Tuscan 'terme' spa and have time to relax and rejuvenate in the naturally warm waters as well as having a wonderfully sensual massage.
  • Luxuriate in the beautiful Italian countryside.
  • Stay in a small, rustic hotel atop the hill of the ancient town of Castiglione del Lago, overlooking Lake Trasimeno.
  • Come to my home and be treated to a delicious dinner taken from my Light Touch Vegan Cookbook, of which you'll get a complimentary copy to take home.
  • Learn how to make delicious easy-to-cook naturally healthy food including my signature grain, sugar and sweetener-free muffins!
  • Have time to rest and incorporate the powerful work over a cup of tea in my Italian kitchen as you dip into my life-change library.

As soon as you arrive in Castiglione del Lago, everything's included, so you can relax and shift into a place where you can truly make a change.

Imagine returning home from 3-days totally for yourself in the gorgeous Italian countryside feeling re-built from the inside out. Relaxed, peaceful, at ease - connected with the real you - that one that you know leaves you grateful for each day and brimming with enthusiasm for life. You're totally clear on where you're heading and know exactly the steps you'll take to get there. You love and believe in yourself and have tools and routines you can put into place throughout your life that'll make all the difference. You're totally inspired, itching to get going and smiling from ear to ear.

There are just 4 spaces on this transformational weekend

What's the cost?

I'm opening up my home to you because I'm committed to supporting you to follow your passions and live your dreams.

And I want to make it easy for you to say yes to the real you, so if you book before midnight on May 20th, this life transforming weekend can be yours for just £725 - saving yourself £170 on the standard price and bagging yourself the amazing bonuses - see below!

"Before I started working with Alison, I had lots of ideas but struggled to develop a coherent plan which I would stick to. Since coaching with Alison, I have developed a plan which is realistic and challenging and have achieved quite a lot of it: I have a working website, have found practice clients for my coaching business and have developed plans to live abroad.

Alison challenges me, brings me insight and encourages me through increasing my self-belief. I'm happy because I am taking charge of my destiny and relieved that I have Alison there to support me as I work towards my goals and ambitions."

Beverley B -

Because I want to support you to live your dreams, there's more to Meet The Real You than just the weekend. When you book you'll also get...


  1. 2 one-on-one hour-long coaching calls with me (worth £220). I know how much difference personal support can make and these are here to anable you to take the shifts you make on this weekend and make them real.
  2. Unrestricted accss to my step-by-step online life-change program, Unleash Your Passions, Find Your Path. These 5 hour-long group calls with supporting worksheets and accountability will motivate and encourage you as you move forwards.
  3. A copy of both of my books: 7 Steps To The Life of Your Dreams and Light Touch to dip in to when you most need them.

Ready to Meet the REAL You?
Book your space by emailing
Questions? I'm here, email me using the address above.

"Thankyou for an interesting, provoking and inspiring weekend"
Jenna K, Meet The Real You retreat attendee, 2012

Come and Meet The REAL You in the Italian countryside.

P.S. If this experience calls to you, please hurry and book you place. I can only accept 4 people and I will take the first who apply!

All photographs are taken by me (most of them when out on bike rides!) except the beautiful blue one at the top, which was taken by Priscilla Worsley from her boat.

About your host, Alison Ottaway: Alison is the founder of Path Less Trodden, an organisation dedicated to supporting you to follow your passions and live your dreams. She has gone after her own dreams in style: She found freedom from weight issues, losing 140 pounds. She transformed debilitating health into a vibrant, youthful body. A high-flying, traditional career conflicted with her values and she broke free to craft a fulfilling vocation as a life coach. Her journey involved travelling widely and has culminated in discovering a new life in Italy. Alison shares her experience, knowledge, skills through her unique 7 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams system, inspiring and coaching people to success in their own lives and running life-changing retreats at her home in the beautiful Italian countryside.