Is your lack of confidence holding you back?

Is now the time for you to do something about it, to step up and claim everything you've ever wanted in your life?

Have you ever looked at someone else and
thought, 'I wish I had her confidence'?

Do you long to be and do SO much more yet lack of confidence holds you back? Are you super-critical of yourself? Do you over-extend, feeling exhausted? Do you yearn to be yourself, say what you really think and feel confident to be just who you are?

Hi, I'm Alison, founder of Path Less Trodden.

If the above sounds familiar, I know how you feel as I used to feel like this. At 20, my self-confidence was at an all-time low. I was 280 pounds, having spent all of my adolescence morbidly obese. Ridiculed daily, I was bitterly critical of myself. School was the only thing I seemed to excel at, yet I couldn't even get that right - having struggled through my exams, plagued by debilitating RSI with my whole arm in bandage, in so much pain.

I longed for the confidence to be myself with people, to be loved and valued for who I was, but instead I constantly felt I was in the way, bent over backwards to help people and spent every day feeling I was inadequate.

Yet now, I'm half my weight and have been on a journey that's seen me ending a comfortable marriage, leaving a corporate job, moving countries and setting up my own business where I regularly create, speak and inspire others to change their world. I'm stepping into and towards my dreams with self-confidence that I could never have previously imagined.

But here's the thing: I'm not special, I wasn't born with a massive store of self-confidence, in fact, the early part of my life saw a myriad of things that decimated my confidence. I've learnt how to build confidence from the ground up and I'm here to share my learnings with you.

I know, from my own journey and from coaching others to be the real them, that self-confidence is the key. When you can deal with your lack of self-confidence and move to a place where you live your life unmasked you will be rewarded with energy, excitement, freedom, joy and connection.


Imagine...being able to go out into the world and do exactly what you dream of with complete trust in yourself and your abilities. Imagine… cherishing your uniqueness and wholly respecting and loving yourself. Imagine...limitless self-belief, the courage to go after the things that really mean something to you. Imagine…being able to sure-footedly step into the world with a totally open heart and mind, effortlessly speaking and living your truth. Imagine… living your life unmasked.


I know because I've done it and I help people transform their self-confidence and with that, their world, every day.

Self Confidence 101, will guide you, step by step, through the journey of turning around your self-worth so you are ready to step up and claim everything you have ever dreamt of.

This program will leave you:

Totally clear on why you lack confidence, how this is holding you back and with a sure knowledge of what you can do to change that.
Aware of the insidious stories you’ve been telling yourself, why they aren’t your fault, and how to release them.
Identified the key to building your own unique sense of confidence and have a practical, personal step-by-step plan you can follow that will transform your self-worth.
Confident in saying no and dealing with confrontation.
Able to put aside that self-critical voice and find a space where you can truly cherish yourself.
With game-changing insight and practical tools that will fit into your day that will guide you to living unmasked - as the real you.
Aware of where self-confidence starts in the body and how to harness its energy.

This is a virtual program; available for you to start whenever you are ready. You can get going on Self Confidence 101 – which includes over 8 hours of in-person training with me including meditations and body work along with supporting, detailed guides and worksheets (yours to keep for ever) - right away!

Here's what we'll cover:

Session 1 - Self-Confidence: Your Story

  • Understand the importance of self-confidence in being peaceful, fulfilled and living the life you’ve always wanted
  • Raising your awareness to the signs and effects of a lack of self-confidence in your own life
  • Identifying the stories you tell yourself 24/7 and how they hold you back
  • Understanding why your lack of self-esteem is not your fault
  • Powerful questions and techniques that will allow you to acknowledge, forgive and let go of what has held you back in the past

Session 2 - The Key to Building Your Unique Sense of Self-Worth

  • Learn how self-confidence is built
  • Identify your unique ‘confidence markers’ – which, when realised, will transform your sense of yourself
  • Reorienting your life to build your confidence daily doing what you love, without having to ‘try’ to
  • Develop an individual plan which will take you step-by-step to the confident, unmasked you

Session 3 – Confidence and the Body

  • Exploring the link between your body and your confidence
  • Learn where self-confidence resides in the body, how you can harness its energy and daily practises to build its strength
  • How you can easily alter your sense of self-worth by making simple dietary changes
  • Tools to give you the courage and resilience to face challenges

Session 4 – Self-Respect, Trust and Confrontation

  • De-bunking that ‘selfish’ word
  • Learn how you can say ‘yes’ to yourself and ‘no’ to others
  • How to nurture a deep trust in yourself, access and build a space of connected self-love
  • The truth about confrontation and how you can be good at it
  • A daily confidence practice for the new you

Additional sessions

The program also includes access to two additional Q&A sessions - lots of common questions and queries answered directly by me.

This stuff works. The difference in me is that I have the freedom to be able to do the things I’ve always dreamt of and be the person that I long to be. I can express my truths, live as the real me. Because of this I’m calmer, more self-loving and I can attract things to me that support my dreams. I’m able to step out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges with faith and trust in my abilities. I’m not hiding – I’m expressing me in totality and with that have a profound sense of freedom, peace and love.


I've made this program available for you to start when YOU are ready and go at your own speed. Say yes to living your life unmasked and you'll receive over 8 hours of training, including meditations, bodywork and detailed guiding worksheets which will be yours to keep forever.

I love this stuff and through my coaching I’ve seen just how many people are being held back from doing what they love by their lack of self-confidence. I want to see as many people's lives turned around as possible, so I'm offering access to all of the content - the full 8 hours, plus all supporting material - valued at £795 - at a massively reduced price of just £97.

All the insight, guidance, support and practical steps you need to lose that chain of low self-confidence and step up to claim everything you’ve ever wanted in your life - for just £97!


"I feel like a different person"

When I came to Alison my life was a mess. I was extremely down and found it difficult to motivate myself to do anything. I felt directionless and just couldn’t see a way forward.

I now feel like a different person and I've achieved major changes in many aspects of my life including work, socially and in my diet. I am stronger and more confident - I want to be heard and seen! I am better able to deal with whatever life throws at me and as well as being much more able to stand up for myself I now have that all important: a focus – a way forward."


And there's more to the program that just the calls.


I've got goodies for you:

Bonus 1 - I know how much difference personal support can make to your journey, and I want to be there for you in person, so I'm also offering a free 1 on 1 Confidence and Clarity coaching call, where you'll have me for a whole 45 minutes. I'll personally coach you - multiplying the effect of the work that you do.

Bonus 2 - Because I know how much hearing about other people’s inspiring journeys is vital in raising and maintaining your energy, I’m delighted to be able to bring you a 45-minute audio with Dion Johnson. Dion was born with a facial disfigurement and her path and the wisdom she has developed through walking it will touch you at a deep level as well as leave you with a deep faith that you can do it too.

Bonus 3 - In addition to the meditations and body-work I’ll be sharing as part of the program, I want you to have a confidence tool you can dip into wherever you are, so I asked Dina Proctor, author of Madly Chasing Peace and originator of the 3x3 meditation method to record a special self confidence meditation. This will be yours to plug in to as soon as you sign up.


"When I came to Alison, I felt stuck, frustrated and down in the dumps. All that has changed. Things have become clear and I am confident and connected – my dreams no longer seem out of reach and I feel there are no obstacles in my way that I cannot handle!"

Pam Campbell

As with all the things I create for you at Path Less Trodden, Self Confidence 101 comes with a full money-back guarantee. If, within a week of purchse, you are not happy with the content you are welcome to contact me and request a refund.

Are you fed up of not feeling able to be the real you? Come out of hiding, live your life unmasked.

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